by Seven the General




The City is mines...Alpine through the roof banging Sun Tzu volume number 2 I'm auto-pilot in the coup
Flyer than a goose, papya with the Goose, Ultra Violet in the flute, I'm suiciding 22's (SEVEN)
The whole cutie, quarter-back Doug Flutie, cept I got a plug on the snubs for the Max Julie
I'm that dudey you'll adress me as such, the big dogg, bacon, cheese deluxe (they Going Nuts but um)
You might of heard of him its Mr. Murder City keep bout 30 with me got the burner with me German Semi
Jumpin out the Hemi,Pumpin out the Denny's fly as Lenny niggas try to get me guess who riding with me? Mr. AK-Fourty (SEVEN)
Comprenday gone to Novembre MGM in Vegas Whippin Natives Kunta Kinte, We let the minks drape, racked up Benched Weight O'Naturale came to play (get you plate nigga)

Hook- I pledge allegience to the Bag, and I'm ducking the United States Customs, Im going in, It's bout the cash, I do my thang cuz im a muthafuckin Hustler....They Call me SEVEN!SEVEN!SEVEN!SEVEN

Verse 2

Listen! Say my name, Say my name, BEYONCE! I'm married to the money but the block is my fiancé
I eat these niggas food "Fava Bean & Kiante" a beast in the caprice I'm headed east I'm blowing Pompeii (SEVEN)
Mile Road, ride til the car explode, 9 on the loafs another 12 on the buffalo's...We in the Buffalos bagging up a Bus of Bows quarterback tuck & roll gues what niggas sell them for? Mekka Lekka Hii Mekka Hiney Ho, off the 94 Oxycontin flo let the 90 go, right behind the store Rifle and a scope behind the door never mind the snow what you trying to score? I'm chasing dough nigga...1 eleven 2 twelve 454 petal to the metal floor bezel worth 11 Oh's....We in the Desert froze gripping our testicles Luxor Vestibule guess a nigga finna roll (SEVEN)

Hook -repeat

Verse 3

Huh, A bunch of bands inside my britches, Grand standing on the 6's, YSL & True Religion I'm a savage in the kitchen
(Fuck a Pack) We want the pigeon trying to traffic and distribute ducking 36 district (SEVEN)
Siete, Mike Vik, Elway...Quarter zip...I'm by the water wit your daughter eating all the shrimp balling on some spaldin shit SALUTE THE DOGGS I'm WITH (SEVEN)

Hook -repeat

By Seven the General


released April 5, 2016
Written by Seven the General
Produced by KIDD



all rights reserved


Seven the General Detroit, Michigan

Seven the General – is an award winning emcee/actor/songwriter from Detroit, Michigan with a Bachelor of Science (Music Business) & Inductee into the Detroit Institute of Arts (Hip-Hop archive by Jenny Risher)

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